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Wellness Tests We Offer Hormones for Men and Women
Nutrition Counseling with Dr. Phillip Dietrich, As part of our mission to help improve and guide our patients to better health. Total Health Clinic is pleased to offer nationwide Telephone nutrition counseling with Dr. Dietrich. Many people take supplements without knowing what's best for their unique needs. I will develop a simple but effective health program for your individual needs.. And you ask What is that?
First I will do a complete blood test and do in depth analysis of your total system, we also do Hormone testing and check heavy metals in the body if needed. Then I will design an unique program with proven scientific testing regardless of your condition, that you will be able to follow. So you will know exactly how to eat, after I studying your blood results. I will give you a easy to read report that will show you what vitamins your body really needs and the exact foods that is best for you. You really can't see how your health is without a blood chemistry test, look at our click here for more information and see for your self what a real blood test should reveal.
More people these days are thinking that there is no other means of helping their High Blood pressure, High cholesterol, Diabetes, Allergies, Low energy, Liver conditions, Over weight to major diseases like heart problems etc.. but to live with them and take many medications which is just treating the symptoms and making them more toxic and sicker.. If you turn around your body chemistry to a healthier state, that's what it's all about and when you do this your body gets healthier and healthier. Isn't that what we want a healthier body and all the symptoms should go away.. So stop from helping your self be a better person let's get going and call me.. every patients that has done this Wellness program has thanked be a thousands time's I wish I knew of this earlier..
I will show you with over my 30years experience professionally guide you in the right direction toward better health. Now it's your turn... Still have questions please feel free to call me Dr Phillip Dietrich


Serious medical conditions can go undetected for up to two years—without noticeable symptoms. A blood chemistry wellness test provides the best warning indicator. The earlier a problem is detected, the easier and more likely it is to be treatable.
Take charge of your health and fitness today with our Wellness Tests

I am looking forward in helping you

Dr Phillip Dietrich

1-800-422-9660 or 650 291-0709 Pacific time
Mon-Fri 8:00am- 6pm Click here for more info
Sat 10:00am- 4pm

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DHEA  Testing
Labrix DHEA Hormone Test Kit - Hormonal Imbalance Saliva
Our Price: $185.00

ASI Test (Adrenal Stress Test)
ASI Test (Adrenal Stress Test)
Our Price: $412.00

If your STRESSED all the time... you need to know, how it's effecting your family and health.
Hormone Testing  Male/ Female
Hormone Testing Male/ Female includes report
Our Price: $495.00

Neurotransmitter Testing
Neurotransmitter Testing includes Report
Our Price: $515.00

If you have these symptoms maybe its time for you to test your neurotransmitters. Do you have Mood problems, such as depression and anxiety, fatigue & sleep disorders, Poor mental focus, Low physical energy and stamina, Low libido, Low pain tolerance,

50 Blood Panel Health & Wellness report includes results
50 Blood Panel Health & Wellness report includes results
Our Price: $701.00

Do you want to know if your growing older healthier ??? Not sure if all the Vitamin Supplements your taking are right for you ???..I need someone to guide me to getting healthier show me how to eat better and monitor me??If this sounds like some of your question this Report will reveal lot of scientific information about the state of your health..

Call now for your Nutrition Consultation 1-800-422-9660
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