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Astragalus  Root CoQ10 with Vitamin E DHEA  10mg and 25mg Fast Dissolve
Astragalus Root Herb--new
Our Price: $10.42
CoQ10 with Vitamin E
Our Price: $44.40
Chinese herbalists have valued Astragalus for its adaptogenic properties, as well as for its ability to tonify the body's "vital force" known as the Qi.

CoQ10 also known as ubiquinone found in high concentrations in the heart tissue. This product helps maintain cardiovascular health and promotes Vitality and Energy. Also known to help promote Gum Health, a wonderful product for people with heart challenges, or as we age to help protect us against cardiac problems. This is one product that customer's have been raving about and are saying"I would not go without it".

  • Supports Balanced Hormone Levels
  • Helps Promote a Healthy Mood
  • Helps support overall health
  • Helps promote healthy aging

DHEA--Micronized Garlic w/ Parsley Tasteless/Odorless High Potency Concentrated Omega-3
DHEA 25mg--Micronized
Our Price: $14.26
DHEA is used for slowing or reversing aging, improving thinking skills in older people, and slowing the progress of Alzheimer’s disease. Athletes and other people use DHEA to increase muscle mass, strength, and energy.

High Allicin Garlic used for Cholesterol support also called poor man's penicillin used for many conditions, our Garlic contains high amounts of allicin which makes it more effective then regular garlic, which makes it a potent supplement for any one with high Cholesterol challenges.

Our Concentrated omega-3 is double strength EPA/DHA formula with 1200 mg of fish oil with natural orange flavor, also tested for pesticides, PCB's and Heavy metal, a must product for people with cardiovascular, and Cholesterol challenges, also supports the nervous system and brain.

Krill  Oil Pure Premium Quality L-Arginine  Powder 3.5 oz 100MG Methylcobalamin  Liquid 1.0 fl oz
By taking Krill Oil you’ll find amazing health benefits including a healthier heart, a boost to your brain, an easier menstruation and more.

Methylocobalamin Liquid provides 1,000 mcg of highly available vitamin B12 in a tasty and convenient cherry flavored liquid. If your looking for that Vitamin/Supplement that helps support your Energy, Sport fitness,or Stress Control/relaxants this product is for you

Neuro  Medulla Complex  90caps Potassium Professional's  Care  Aloe Vera  Drink  32oz
Our Price: $11.45
  • Increase blood flow to brain
  • Improve Mood, Emtions and Behavior
  • Enhance Memory
  • Improves nerve transmission & Neuro-Transmitter production

Potassium is crucial to heart function and plays a key role in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, making it important for normal digestive and muscular function.

It is believed the Aloe Vera plant produces at least 6 antiseptic agents. Find out more why our patients prefer this drink to others.

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