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What to take and why, good books for healthy recipes, healthy equipment to keep in shape and lot's and lot's more...

My Patients are asking what DO I EAT, how can I work out to slim down or bulk up, what supplements should I take after or before a work-out, what's the best Protein drink to take, What are some easy stretches to do before or after my exercises, How long should I work out, Are all the supplements the same,What do I stay away from to to keep my weight down,I need something easy that I can do at work or on my break to keep my energy up,what books do you recommend, how much weight lifting is to much, Can you work with my trainer to develop a program especially for me, can you talk to my aunt that is in Canada she needs some help with her health and she is not getting any results she is just getting frustrated.....These questions are some questions that come across my way.
I like to tailor what ever we are trying to accomplish just for you if i'ts Balancing your Hormones or to Adrenal testing for stress I have various testing to get solid answers...So this section is going to be dedicated to that person that wants advise by reading in this section, giving you new ideas or just giving me a call to talk one-on-one..
So keep looking in this Section for NEW developments to share with you... or with your friends & family...Dr Phillip Dietrich

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Detox Mud Pore Cleanse Mud Mask--New
Detox Mud Pore Cleanse Mud Mask for Men & Women--New
Our Price: $2.95

Grime, sweat and tears can really mess you up, that’s why we unearthed natural Glacial mud, so you can cleanse and de-stress inside and out.

Deep Pain Relief Cream-Sombra
Deep Pain Relief Cream-Sombra 2 oz - 8 oz
Our Price: $7.00


Deep Pain Relief Cream-Sombra when your muscles are tense or sore, great deep penetrating cream that just unwinds those muscles. When you need pain relief, turn to Sombra Warm Therapy Pain Relieving cream, the fast acting topical analgesic cream with menthol, capsaicin and witch hazel with a refreshing orange scent.

FitTrim by Genesis Today
FitTrim by Genesis Today--New
Our Price: $24.50

Supports Weight Management & Cardio Vascular Health. Stimulant  Free
Nuvia Trim  healthy weight loss coffee
NuviaTrim Instant Coffee Drink with Green Coffee Bean Extract and Raspberry Ketones! -SOLD OUT
Our Price: $27.95

Neuro  Medulla Complex  90caps
Neuro Medulla Complex by Professional Health Products --NEW
Our Price: $37.75

  • Increase blood flow to brain
  • Improve Mood, Emtions and Behavior
  • Enhance Memory
  • Improves nerve transmission & Neuro-Transmitter production

Posture Perfector for Shoulder and Upper back strengthening kit
PostureMedic the Posture Perfector for Shoulder & Upper Back Strengthening Kit
Our Price: $48.90


Stand up straight, stop hunching your shoulders, and keep your hips tucked in….. Sound familiar? Need correction? Let PosturePerfector lengthen tight muscles, strengthen weak muscles and stabilize your upper body.

Camelback Water Bottle w Lifesource activity monitor walking & Body Tape gift set
Camelback Water Bottle w/ Lifesource activity Monitor walking & Body Tape gift set
Our Price: $65.50

Let's face it we all rely on gadgets to give us important information. This gift set we offer will get you motivated to start living healthier by measuring your every move.

Testosterone Testing  Blood panel
Testosterone Testing Blood panel--new
Our Price: $120.00

Has your sex drive decreased? Energy gone down,loss of body hair,do you feel depressed? These could be symptoms especially when we get older your body needs a little help.
Hair Testing for heavy metals & toxins
Hair Testing for heavy metals & toxins- includes Report
Our Price: $290.00

Dr. Dietrich's hair mineral analysis test determines exactly what chemicals are inside of you, including radiation, heavy metals such as mercury, food chemicals, pesticides and more!
ASI Test (Adrenal Stress Test)
ASI Test (Adrenal Stress Test)
Our Price: $412.00

If your STRESSED all the time... you need to know, how it's effecting your family and health.
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